Friday, 17 February 2017

Theo's New Reading Partners

Theo has been busy in the library with some new reading groups. It doesn't look as if he is working that hard, but Theo has inspired even more readers to make use of the library this year. Those pupils who read regularly, complete their reading record books and engage with the challenges set by Miss Sparkes get extra reading time with Theo.

As a consequence loans are up again by 12% and the number of pupils managing to read 4+ times a week in EYFS & KS1 is up by 17%... well done Theo!

Year 4 Church Performance

Thank you to all of the Year 4 team who organised a fantastic event at St George's Church. Every year our Y4 pupils put on a Christmas celebration as part of their Spiritual Curriculum.

  • Year 3 - Spiritual Locality Walk 
  • Year 4 - Performance in a place of worship
  • Year 5 - Random Acts of Kindness
  • Year 6 - Legacy Assembly
The story of the Nativity was retold through drama, poetry, rap and readings from the bible.

We had to look at the story of Jesus in many different ways. It made us think about the story more deeply as we had to choose the parts that we thought were most important.
Jessica Simpson

The whole service was led by Rev Rich and Reverend Shaun, who have both contributed a great deal to the rehearsals and content. What made it all extra special was the high level of turn out from parents and families who came to share in the celebration of the Christmas story.

Sofia's Music Award

Well done to Sofia Raif who has just passed her music exam. We are very proud of the way she has been practising at home and working so hard to pass this test!

We're In The Paper: Cycling Superstars

We are in the paper this week! A roving reporter from the Yellow Advertiser was travelling to an assignment when they spotted our pupils in the road practising and applying their skills from the Bikeability Course. Not one to miss the chance for a story, they stopped and took some great pictures of our pupils in action.

What is Level 2?

Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving trainees a real cycling experience. Trainees learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Trainees are usually trained in small groups – up to 6 trainees per instructor – though individual training may also be available. At Level 2 you can:
  • prepare for on-road cycling
  • start and finish an on-road journey
  • recognise typical hazards
  • let others know what you are about to do
  • know where to ride on the road
  • pass parked vehicles and side roads
Make sure you get your copy!

Choir @ Triple S Housing

Our Choir received some wonderful feedback for their recent performance at the Triple S Housing meal. Our pupils are realising that the smallest acts of kindness can have a huge impact on others.

We look forward to the pupils coming every year. This is the fourth time I have heard them and it really made the whole occasion so special.

Well done all for your effort and the way you represented the school!

Santa Needs Our Help

A huge thank you to Mead, who shared their special Santa event with our pupils. During the night Santa's sleigh crashed to the ground stranding some of his reindeer and putting the whole operation for Christmas into jeopardy.

Brave pupils from Mead had to battle through the woods and the snow to find the reindeer and follow the clues to reunite them with Santa.

At such a busy time they still found time to think of their Broadford friends and invited them down to come and share in the festive mystery. This was certainly one Christmas that the children won't forget in a hurry!

We're In The Paper: Olivia is Star of the Week!

Congratulations to Olivia Patrick Stuart. When the paper called asking for Star Pupils her name was at the top of the list! In the recent Christmas performances she has been a real star. Her powerful singing voice could be heard everyone in the hall and many who were outside. She knew all of the words and really gave it her all.

Well done Olivia... we are very proud of you.

We're In The Paper: Solar Park Squashed!

Congratulations to all of the pupils, families and community members who have united to prevent the solar panel park being installed at The Manor.

This has proved to a unifying issue, as all parts of the community came together to protest against the Council's idea.

In class we have researched the solar panel proposal and the impact it could have on our local area. We go cycling in the Manor as part of our club... we don't want it ruined by solar panels!
Leo Mbata

As part of their extended writing the pupils put their persuasive skills to the test. That, along with a concerted effort by all interested groups in the community, has seen the decision reversed!

Choir Perform @ Betty Strathern Centre

Our Choir is on tour again with a number of performances this festive period. Today it was the turn of local Briar Road residents to have some musical accompaniment at their Christmas meal.

Singing a range of Christmas carols and songs from their O2 show, our pupils entertained them for 45mins.

Thank you so much for coming to our meal. It really made the event extra special. The singing was amazing. The children were so confident!
Mrs Jacobs - aged 74

I loved the reaction of the audience. I didn't expect them to be so happy we had come along. Mrs Nicholls is always saying that a small act of kindness goes a long way. Now I can see what she means!
Mia Gallagher - Year 5

Year 1 Bedtime Story Experience

Our Year 1 pupils had a fabulous finale to the week with a bedtime story event after school. Returning at 6pm, the pupils found their classrooms had been transformed into cosy dens, with candles, blankets and a roaring fire (on the interactive whiteboard).

In one room the teachers served hot chocolate and biscuits, while next door the pupils could cosy up to hear a selection of bedtime story favourites.

Why Bedtime Stories?
We always have parents asking what they can do to help their child. One of the most effective things that any parent can do is to read to/with their child:

By holding this event we aimed to promote the importance of the bedtime story and get every parent reading to their child.

How do I do it?

What was the impact?
100% of the parents attending said that they enjoyed the chance to share a story with their child and they were now more likely to read to them at home!
Since the event 75% of those attending have said they have read more than three times a week at bedtime!

Now keep those stories coming!